Florida T Tops and Marine Fabricators
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Poling Platforms Our Poling Platforms are custom designed to fit your boat with your needs fishing Needs in mind. Just give us a call and tell us what you want in a poling platform. Towers and Half Towers Towers provide an elevated platform for sight fishing or spotting bait. The elevation allows a different perspective in seeing into the water. The higher your platform, the more fish you will see. When choosing a tower, you must take into consideration the length and beam of your boat, the usability of the tower, and height restrictions on the water, bridges, etc. Towers are great for the serious fisherman, but also a lot of fun for family and kids to scout out the water. Aqua-Shade will help you in deciding which tower is right for you and your boat. Because all towers are custom, shade coverage is up to you...front...back...side...whatever it takes to keep you comfortable on the water.
Poling Platforms & Towers
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