Florida T Tops and Marine Fabricators
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Our Florida T-Tops do not have model numbers. They are custom made by our team of professional marine fabricators to custom fit each boat. T-Tops provide shade to a vessel without the hassle of straps and poles found on bimini tops which hinder visibility and fishing around the boat as well as limiting walk space when in the up and down position. T-tops also provide a place for rod storage, and safe grab areas for rough water. At Aqua-Shade, we make sure the legs of each t-top are placed in areas on your boat deck allowing the most possible walk around space around your console. Add a t-bag option and you then have dry storage for life vests, pocket books, wallets, and towels…all dry and above your head for easy access, thereby freeing up more storage on your boat for other things. Lights are available, as well as grab rails, cup holders…etc. Each top is custom made to your requirements and attention is in the detail! In putting on a t-top for your boat, you make life on the water much more enjoyable, and also add value to your boat. From an investment perspective, T-tops are one of the few things you will get most of your money back if/when you decide to sell your boat. Boats with t-tops sell faster and on average sell for around $1000 more than without. All T-tops are mounted to the boat with stainless screws and 5200 marine sealant and bolted to the console in typically 4 points with stainless hardware.
T Tops
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